Frownies Under Eye Patches

Price: $30.00
    Frownies All Natural Under Eye Treatment Patch
    3 x 2 eye patches per treatment
    You can now add a Spa like treatment in your own home.
. Postpone the signs of aging. 
  • . Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes
    . Reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes
    . Lighten and brighten skin under the eyes
    . Help rebuild loss of collagen under the eyes
    . This product is all natural gel patches of cactus collagen, aloe and other natural vitamins derived from plant sources that serve to increase circulation, and deliver deep hydration and nutrient support to the under eye and eyelid area.
    . One 30-minute treatment with this product helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, under eye bags, dark circles, improve skin tone and texture.
    . Patches maybe reused on the same individual's under eyes or eyelids.
    Made in USA


       After washing the face and removing all makeup with pH balancing Complexion Wash apply Immune Perfect on entire face
       and eye lids. Open the package by tearing one end Remove the protective plastic covering Remove one patch and apply it
       directly under the eye smoothing all lines out from the skin under the eyes. The patch is wider at one side than the other the
       wide side goes towards the side of the face, covering the lower corner of the eye and the under eye on cheek area. The
       patch is a clear jell made from cactus collagen so you can see your skin when it is applied to the under eye skin. Wet you
       fingers with clean water or Rose Water Hydrator spray and gently smooth out the skin. Apply the patch to the under eye area
       on the other side of the face. Leave the patch on for 30 minutes.
      You may remove the patch and place it back into its tray to use a second time. Put the patch in the refrigerator until used again.
      You may not be able to use the patch a second time if you leave it on longer than 30 minutes. The patch is made of the
       ingredients and it dissolves as it impresses the ingredients on the skin. One use for 30 minutes is guaranteed but you may be
       able to stretch on the use of the product to two applications.

       Do not use it on another persons face.

      Depending on the extent of under eye damage on the skin yo will see immediate improvement with lasting improvement with
      continual use. The benefit will be different on each person but will last 3-7 days with continual application you will see
      additional benefit. Remember to stay hydrated, clean the skin daily and protect this sensitive are from the direct rays of the
      sun. Some under eye problems may be a sign of allergies and dehydration of the internal organs.

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