Christian Lenart Floral Waters

From France - Christian Lenart  Floral Waters

Since 1960, Christian Lenart has specialized in products for well being.
Christian Lenart was a Parisian apothecary’s son and biologist of the last century. 
His passion for nature led to becoming a herbal specialist, fully convinced of the
beneficial effects of plants on human health. He was one of
the first scientists to promote the efficiency of plants in the treatment of illnesses
and in cosmetology. His findings urged the 20th century’s scientific world to
admit his theory that plants affect the body’s natural balance.

Floral waters, as face care products, are to be used in the morning and in the
evening after removing make-up, to clean, refresh, tone or soothe the skin. 
Naturally scented, they bring pleasure to the beauty regimen.  They are alcohol & paraben free.
With millions of bottles sold in Europe since its creation,
Christian Lenart has been highly recognized as best in its class.