Charles Wahba Hair Claws # 7000

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            Charles Wahba Hair Claws (Approx. Size: 2.5" x 1.75")
            Style - # 7000

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Love this claw!
CWahbaFan (los angeles, CA) 8/6/2011 8:46 PM
This is one of the older version of the brand, where Charles Wahba still has his name and Made in France stamp. I love the Charles Wahba brand and this clip. I have purchased 4 of these exact styles. And 4 more of different styles. I have spent over 10 years searching for a good quality claw that wouldn't pull out hair with use and irritate scalp. My sister introduced me to this brand at an Off Saks store, and I have not turned to any other brand since. France Luxe (Made in France, same type of plastic) brand doesn't come to the quality and thickness of the lucite/plastic used. Being pricier than Charles Wahba, the France Luxe is not comfortable nor as nicely finished. They pull my hair and are not finished off at the claw as Charles Wahba. Charles Wahba claws are so round and smooth, they do not scratch or irritate my sensitive scalp. They hold my hair for a while, especially this claw, for hours with tennis and jogging, and they just grip perfectly. This claw is also a good size, about the size of a credit card height and length if you count the top of the claw and where the claw ends. This is also durable. I have had one for over 4 years before it broke, and I had to find another Charles Wahba claw, where West Coast is impossible to find in regular drug stores. I didn't want to purchase one at upscale Saks or Neiman. I have had this one already for 2.5 years and I use it everyday. The spring is still tight, and hasn't broken yet. I love the quality, durability, comfort, and mostly quality for the price. Not every claw stamped Made in France is the same. Charles Wahba is head and scalp above the rest.