Cellex-C Enhancers-Seline-E Cream 2 oz.

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A smooth, rich night-time moisturizer. Seline-E's powerful combination of anti-oxidants--vitamin E, selenium and bioflavonoids--enhance the potency of vitamin C and provide anti-oxidant moisture protection for the skin, day or night. Seline-E's characteristic yellow marigold color is largely derived from the high concentration of bioflavonoids, extracted from oranges and lemons, which are used in this cream. Medical science has found that bioflavonoids, through their ability to bind with collagen fibers, could help deter premature aging of the skin. Applied over Cellex-C Serum, Seline-E Cream immediately creates a luxuriously moist, smooth feel to the skin. For normal skin.


1. Cleanse and tone.
2. Apply Hydra 5 B-Complex.
3. Apply Cellex-C product of choice (when using Serum, reverse steps 2 and 3).
4. Apply Selene-E Moisturizer liberally to face, neck and V of chest Avoid direct contact with eyes.
5. Apply sunscreen if required.


Vitamin E
This vitamin is, in fact, not a single compound, but a group of eight slightly different chemicals divided into two major groups called tocopherols and tocotrienols.

Tocopherols are very effective in skin care treatments and are recognized as the most efficient form of Vitamin E for protecting lipids from damage by free-radicals. Free-radicals compromise the healthy functioning of skin cells, making the complexion appear pasty, blotchy and dull.

Tocotrienols have similar properties to tocopherols but are credited to be 40 to 50 times more effective at repairing skin damage.

These particular bioflavonoids were chosen because in laboratory testing, they have shown the ability to bind with collagen fibers and help protect them against further attack by free radicals, as well as helping to realign them in a pattern associated with younger looking skin.

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