Cellex-C Enhancers-G.L.A. Extra Moist Cream 2 oz.

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This ultimate dry skin formulation provides a rich moisturizing barrier to prevent the loss of water through the skin resulting in dehydration lines. Skin will feel moist and smooth even 10 hours after application. Enriched with oil of evening primrose, a natural source of gamma linoleic acid (G.L.A.), this product also contains bioflavonoids from milk thistle seeds, known for their protective effect on the skin. For excessively dry skin.


1. Cleanse and tone.
2. Apply Cellex-C Serum or Skin Firming Cream Plus and Hydra 5 B-Complex.
3. Apply G.L.A. or G.L.A. Extra Moist Skin Cream liberally to your face, neck and chest. Avoid eye areas.
5. Apply sunscreen if necessary.


Evening primrose oil
Rich in gamma linoleic acid which is essential for maintaining normal functions of the epithelial barrier membrane.

A hydrophilic ingredient that attracts water and acts as a moisturizer. Lecithin is a natural emollient, emulsifier and anti-oxidant.

Wheat germ oil
An excellent emollient with anti-oxidant and free radical scavenging properties due to its naturally high Vitamin E content.

Vitamin E
This vitamin is, in fact, not a single compound, but a group of eight slightly different chemicals divided into two major groups called tocopherols and tocotrienols.

Tocopherols are very effective in skin care treatments and are recognized as the most efficient form of E for protecting lipids from damage by free-radicals. Free-radicals compromise the healthy functioning of skin cells, making the complexion appear pasty, blotchy and dull.

Chamomile extract
Extracted from chamomile flowers, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent that helps calm and soothe the skin.

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