Cellex-C Enhancers-Advanced Skin Hydration Complex 1oz.

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An oil-free, crystal clear gel containing an extraordinarily high percentage of hyaluronic acid-the body's own natural moisturizer, plus important skin benefiting amino acids and skin enhancing ellagic acid. Smoother, silkier, more radiant looking skin will be noticed in 3 - 6 weeks. For use on all skin types.


1. Cleanse and tone.
2. Apply Cellex-C Advance-C Serum or Serum for Sensitive Skin. (If you are using Skin Tightening Cream apply Skin Hydration Complex first.)
3. Apply Skin Hydration Complex. (Avoid direct contact with eyes.)
4. Apply moisturizer.


Hyaluronic acid
A natural substance found in great abundance in young skin, synovial fluid and other tissues in humans and animals. Over time, oxy radicals, produced mostly through exposure to pollutants and sunlight, degrade and destroy hyaluronic acid. Fifty year olds are estimated to have less than half the hyaluronic acid they had in youth.

Important amino acidsraline and glycine:
Known to be important for collagen formation.

Ellagic acid:
Found naturally in many fruits and known to suppress lipid peroxidation, helping to inhibit the development of age spots.

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