Cellex-C Core-Fade Away Gel 0.85 oz.

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The key ingredients in Fade Away Gel -- which make it so effective in assisting Cellex-C Serum to reduce the appearance of sun and age spots -- are two highly potent phyto-chemicals derived from plants. Plants use natural chemicals to defend themselves against the destructive free radicals created by sunlight. These amazingly effective plant compounds help protect your skin and promote a clear, fresh, youthful looking complexion. Spots begin to diminish in appearance within 6-8 weeks. For all skin types.


1. Apply Cellex-C High-Potency Serum or Cellex-C Serum for Sensitive Skin to clean, dry skin.
2. Apply a drop of Fade Away Gel directly on to sun or age spots. (Remove plastic white cap from bottle.) Squeeze the stem of the applicator between your thumb and forefinger). Avoid eye areas.
3. Apply Hydra 5 B-Complex to face and neck.
4. Apply moisturizer as needed.


A naturally occurring amino acid which plays an important role in the healthy formation of body tissue.

Optimal patented complex required to work best on areas that are prone to develop age or sun spots.

Highly potent phyto-chemicals
Derived from plants which use it as a natural protection in times of stress induced by ultraviolet light.

Plant glycosides
Manufactured by plants to combat free-radicals. Provides anti-oxidant protection and helps promote a clear, fresh, youthful looking complexion.

Green tea extract
Rich in glycosides believed to be effective in the repair of connective tissues damaged by inflammation or excessive sun exposure.

Thyme extract
Thyme contains thymol, a powerful antiseptic that is used in preparations for deodorants and medicinally for throat and mouth infections.

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