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Many of our famous CMA Boyd’sproducts are available to retailers at wholesale prices.

You can review the following categories and products on our website, then feel free to visit or call us with any questions you might have. As we are most interested in helping you to build the wonderful repeat business we have on these products, you’ll find us very flexible in our requirements.


Garraud Paris Skincare –a Boyd’s exclusive for so many years, it has built a reputation as one of the finest lines in the world. With an already established – and devoted – clientele, Boyd’s has finally made Garraud available to high level retailers in stores, skincare salons and spas. Click here to review the products.


Renoir Cosmetics –Many items within this exclusive line – which began with Carol Fader’s applied expertise so many years ago – are truly the best. The savvy customers who stood next to the models and movie stars at Boyd’s stores are still loyal and ordering from across the country and indeed, the world. It’s important to note that the line can be bought broadly or with concentration on items as there are concealers, eye and lip products and accessories that are very special. Click here to review the products.


Boyd’s Beauty Basicsare great products at great prices. All are blister packed on hanging cards (or not, if you prefer) and these products are ordered every single day by consumers who can’t live without them! “No Lines” is a standout as it’s almost like magic. There is an established or potential customer for it in every trading area. The repeat business is phenomenal with our wholesale clients as well as our own retail customers. The exact same story can be told about “Brush it Away” – a wonderful hair care product or “Liquido” our special eye makeup remover. All potential wholesale clients should review these tried-and-true profitable basics. Click here to review the products.


Boyd’s Exclusive HairbrushesSo much of styling expertise is dependent on how the hairbrush functions in the hand. Salons across the country choose our cork handled or all wood styling brushes that we have successfully imported for so many years. Their long lasting performance has made them a hit with individual consumers as well. Click here to review the products.