Boyd’s changed my life! Well, that sounds strong, but seriously, back in the seventies I had tried every cosmetic sold in department stores, but none of them solved the problem of my makeup “disappearing” after lunch!  I worked in an executive position, had to travel, make sales calls, give presentations, go to meetings, etc. and I hated having to worry about cosmetics in the midst of it all.
Then one day, my dear friend was in New York meeting with the DNC and hobnobbing with the “rich and famous” and she invited me for a visit. I said “yes” and then she took me so I could have my makeup done as she had done for her television appearances and I was so hooked!  I wore my “new face” all day and looked like a movie star! To this day, they give me personal service, attention to detail and the quality products that keeps me coming back for more.  Obviously, I can’t say enough about them, but if you ever have the chance to get your “makeover,” don’t hesitate!

 I have used the Renoir products since 1974.

- Pat from Atlanta,Ga.

This is the best make up I have ever used! I love it, and they have the best concealers!

- Tammie on Facebook

Just love your Empress Beige concealer, have been using it for many years, ever since I visited your original shop....loved your guidance from the makeup artists.

- Connie

Love the No Lines wrinkle remover, been using it for about 8 years or so.. I have allergies and it helps when I go out to fix my swollen bags under eyes.. great product..

- Sharon K.