TanTowel Plus Half Body Self Tanning Towelettes

Price: $26.00
            Box of 10;Medium to Dark Skin Tones
           TanTowel Plus Half Body Self Tanning Towelettes offer the same convenience as the original TanTowel,
            in a deeper tan suitable for medium to dark skin tones or frequent tanners.
           TanTowel Plus Self Tanning Towelettes provide a natural looking glow that is simple to apply, with no odor
            or mess and it does not streak. One towelette will cover approximately half the body.
           The pulp fiber exfoliates as you apply leaving your skin soft, smooth and evenly tanned. You gauge the level
            of tan by the number of towelette applications.
            TanTowel has a refreshing citrus scent but will not compete with perfume or cologne. The fragrance will
             dissipate within 5 minutes.
             Easy to apply, with no odor or mess.
             Does not steak.
             Will not discolor elbows, knees and joints.
             Contains Erythrulose - A color accelerator for a faster, deeper and darker natural looking tan.
             Great for travel as there are no leaks or spills to worry about.


             Directions For Use:
             Tantowel works best on clean, dry skin. Open foil and remove towelette. Wipe towelette over the area
             to be tanned. Continue applying to the area until the towelette is dry. Remember, you cannot go over an
             area too much, but if you miss an area no color will develop. Wash hands immediately. You can dress as
             soon as TanTowel is dry to the touch (approximately 1 minute). Color will develop over about 3-4 hours
            (do not wet the skin in any way during this time this includes moisturizers, make-up, swimming, bathing, etc.).
             After the 3-4 hour developing time, you can reapply for a deeper color. A TanTowel tan generally last about
             4-7 days. Reapply as necessary. For optimal results, exfoliate before application. One towelette will cover
             approximately half the body.

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