Tested on Men, not on Animals”, SKINKiND™ is scientifically designed to address the unique characteristics of men’s skin.   Created by Australian surfer Paul Anderson, mixing his passion for the outdoors and life under the harsh southern sun, Paul found there was a need in the market for an effective, botanical skin care range that specifically targeted men.
Paul opened MANKiND, a male grooming clinic in Sydney in 2004 and due to it’s huge success was armed with an invaluable, first hand knowledge of what guys are looking for, so Paul moved to create his signature brand SKINKiND- Solutions For Men™.

This new skin care range for men contains pure plant botanicals & is free from controversial chemicals, including artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, sodium lauryl sulphate, soap, mineral oil, drying alcohols, petrolatum, formaldehyde, and parabens.  Using 100% Pure Essential Oils in place of artificial fragrance, these products are specifically chosen for their calming, healing, soothing and aromatic features and their antibacterial properties.

In addition to laboratory research, SKINKiND™ products have also put to the test on the male species at the MANKiND clinic. The feedback from Paul’s 6000+ loyal and discerning clientele provided the best ‘market research’ into men’s grooming routines, skin conditions & demands.