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For the very first time, a real solution that's right at your finger tips- restore Instant Hot Flash Aid? stops the heat directly on contact. Restore is a patented hot flash suppressant that instantly eliminates the symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats brought on by menopause, chemotherapy or other physiological conditions. Restore immediately cools and refreshes, and is hormone-free. 

Natural Science

 Restore's patented formula includes marine algae and other soothing ingredients. Marine algae is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.


 3-in-1 Relief

 Restores normal ion levels of sodium, potassium and calcium in skin's surface.

 Creates an epidermal surface that prevents the loss of water and dehydration.

 Promotes cellular intake of glucose and proper metabolism.

 Cools instantly and alleviates hot flashes symptoms.

 Hydrates, refreshes and moisturizes.  Balances skin homeostasis.


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