Renoir Mineral Line


Mineral Makeup Collection is sourced from nature and fused with science to protect, correct
and beautify skin without irritation. Minerals provide a natural, chemical-free sunblock,
shielding skin against damaging ultra-violet light. Their powerful, light-reflective properties make flaws and imperfections practically invisible.
Mineral Makeup is the perfect choice after cosmetic procedures or for individuals who suffer
from chronic skin conditions.

Mineral Makeup
Gives the skin a radiant look - lightweight, won't clog pores; chemical and oil free; SPF is built in! Our Liquid Powder Foundation - used in many of our makeovers - has already developed its own strong following
Colour Splash
Price: $45.00
Colour Splash
Brow /Wax splitz
Price: $16.00
Brow /Wax splitz