Mustela Post Partum Body Restructuring Gel

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     Firms, refines and energizes. To restore skin firmness and remodel body contours after giving birth.
     -The Elastoregulator® (soy peptide derivative), Chlorophycea, and Lupeol combined with Alpha Hydroxy Acid 
       moisturizers and nourishing oils preserve your skins elasticity and suppleness. This helps prevent new stretch marks.
     - Helps remodel body contours with two patented active ingredients: Genistein and Sophora Japonica, with draining
       properties to effectively redefine body contours while limiting the buildup of fatty tissues.
     - Provides a sense of well-being and vitality upon application, with its tightening and refreshing effect.
     - Appropriate for the post partum stage: Respects the increased sensitivity of the skin. Alcohol-free and caffeine-free.
       Preserves moisture.
     - Visible results after just 4 weeks**:
        Skin is firmer (84%), more toned (89%), and restructured (81%). Body contours are refined (75%).
        ** Efficacy tested under dermatological control and perceived after 4 weeks of use by a panel of 92 women
        who had given birth within the last 3 months.
     - Hypoallergenic formula specially designed to minimize
        the risk of allergic reaction.
        6.7 FL. OZ.

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