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Magnifying Mirrors are "Special Order" and NOT RETURNABLE.

We offer you Lighted Makeup Mirrors and Magnifying Makeup Mirror selections from the top brands and designers in the world! Our exclusive brands are imported from France and Canada. Brot mirrors, Arpin mirrors, Janeke mirrors, Danielle mirrors, and Kimball Young mirrors (now known as Aptations,Inc.) are synonymous with high-end design. Choose from wall mirrors, vanity mirrors, or convenient travel or compact travel mirrors. You will find a mirror to add sparkle to your decor, add light to small room spaces or add glamour to a bathroom - while it also fits your budget!  For gals who wants the luxury of cosmetic mirror perfection or guys to shave using a fog-free lighted mirror, a lighted magnifying mirror is a wonderful gift that will be appreciated every day.  Indeed, once you've used one, you won't want to live without it!

Explaining Magnifying Mirrors: * See Below

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 Explaining Magnifying Mirrors:

    Why should I have one or give one as a gift?
    The desire for perfect makeup application and to maintain perfect skincare (or for the gentleman, meticulous shaving), is
    among the very good reasons to own a special mirror.  Perhaps even more important, like many of us, you’d just like to
    see a bit more clearly.  These mirrors, before a luxury, are becoming more and more of a necessity.
    Magnification explained
    When choosing, the highest magnification may not be necessary for you. The most popular magnification is 5X
    which works well for those with some vision needs.  It is particularly effective in our highest quality mirrors from Paris
    which are distortion free ( factors other than the magnification affect the quality of the image you see.)  Those are offered
    in 3X (the strength usually  found in hotels or at cosmetic counters) or 5X . Also available in these mirrors is a 3 Optical or
    7 Optical lens which is the finest  mirror lens (comparable to an eyeglass lens in visual accuracy.)  Less expensive mirrors
    are available in strengths up to 10X. The size of the mirror face is also an important factor. A larger mirror will usually provide
    a clearer image – see below.
    Distortion explained
    Actually, all magnification mirrors distort the image or they couldn’t magnify!  They work through the bending of the glass to
    form a curved lens.  The expert makers know how to bend the glass and yet create the perfect image you will see. The
    larger the magnification, the greater the bend in the glass and possibly the greater the distortion.  The challenge for the
    maker is to eliminate as much distortion as possible – that is the reason for high prices from expert lens grinders who make
    our imported mirrors.
    Expensive Mirrors:  Why?
    Brot and Arpin of Paris have provided the finest mirrors in the world with technology that goes back a century. Their mirror
    lenses have the least distortion and are made by manufacturers with a long history of quality and decades of experience in
    their product.  The 3 Optical and 7 Optical lenses are made with the same techniques used to produce fine cameras and
    telescope lenses.  Clarity and perfection of the glass is unequalled.Backed with a thin skin of aluminum, a process exclusive
    to Brot, the glass will be free of pitting over decades of use. The mirrors are framed with the finest treated metals that will
    remain beautiful through many long years. Brot and Arpin offer a life long glass replacement policy at minimal cost. Brot and
    Arpin always offer a choice of new, varied, up to date design to please the most discerning decorators and clients.  The travel
    mirrors are exceptionally functional and well designed. Whenever we see an Arpin or Brot  mirror that has been owned for
    years, it is amazing that it always looks brand new. An investment, yes but a very wise one!

    Light or no light? 
    This would depend on the light you have as well as the amount of light you prefer. It’s important to note that many prefer
    lighted mirrors for the bathroom as the heat from the light can keep them  fog free.  There is also usually a need for additional
    light in a bathroom. Pedestal mirrors are those most often used for cosmetic application at a dressing table. Here, it becomes
    more of a preference decision based on the area involved.
    Fluorescent or Incandescent
    Light from incandescent lighting or "regular" light bulbs usually used indoors, is often preferred by many.  Our mirrors from
    Paris have incandescent lighting.  All of our fluorescent-lighted mirrors are so noted. Some have been created with both
    options. A feature of modern fluorescent lamps is that greatly reduced wattage produces light output perhaps four times
    the wattage consumed - and the lamps stay cool. 
    Wall mirrors:  The most popular choice for bathroooms (with the least possibility for breakage!)  Many wall mounted mirrors we carry both
     tilt and swivel. A double arm wall-mounted mirror has more flexibility than a flush or single-arm  mirror. Hardwired Mirrors:
     Hardwired mirrors are to be installed by a licensed electrician and connected to the house wiring so no wire or plug is
     showing.  Plug- ins:  We indicate which of our mirrors are plug-ins in our selection. Pedestal  Mirrors or Travel Mirrors:
     Lighted or not: Lighted mirrors can be hardwired in a dressing table setting by your electrician but are shipped to be used
     as plug in mirrors.
     Gifts:     Makeup mirrors can be a new, unexpected but most welcomed gift!  Metal frame choice should be a factor in deciding.
     Chrome or Gold?  Traditional or modern? We offer all choices and some that will bridge both taste levels.  We are always
     happy to help you make your decisions.
    We are experienced at working with decorators for single occupant residences or commercial establishments
    and we are always available to answer any questions you might have.  Boyd’s offers a discount to the trade.