Most of cosmetic mirrors use a curved mirrored glass. This is the standard quality. For the ultimate comfort, Brot has developed for the connoisseurs the Optical Reflective Lens. The concept is to provide a 100% guaranteed distortion-free, flawless in nature mirrored plan convex lens.
Exclusive from Miroir Brot Paris, our optical magnifying lens is produced using similar shaping and finishing techniques than those used to produce fine cameras and celestial telescopes and successfully developed by Charles Brot a century ago. Additionally, the silvering is obtained by deposit of a very thin skin of oxide of aluminium, exclusive process from Miroir Brot, warranting our optical glass free of pitting even after more many decades. The clarity and the perfection of the glass, the purity of the silvering make Brot's Optical glass lens unequalled. At least, it is guaranteed 10 years in normal conditions of installation, use and cleaning.
Optical magnifying glass (shown left) is a thick glass (10 mm or 12 mm depending on the diameter and the magnification power), machined to obtain a plan convex lens. In this case the quality of the reflected image is absolutely perfect, with no defect (no distortion). Some of most prestigious hotels installed our Optical lens for their Guests. In the list, Hotel Bristol in Paris on 1933, The Plaza Athénée in Paris in the middle of sixties, Hotel Ritz in Paris, The Reid’s in Madeira or the Badrutt of St. Moritz. More recently, the Hotel Hanghyu Osaka or the Westin Banyan Tree in Bangkok.
Standard magnifying glass (shown right) is a very thin glass (3 mm), balloon-shaped glass like a rear-view mirror that you can find on your car. This product is an industrial product, with mass production. The difference between Brot mirrors and other magnifying mirrors comes from the fact we use 3 mm glass when most of competitors use 1.6 mm or 2 mm thin glass only.