Instant Face and Neck Lift

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For just $25.00,
instantly sculpt cheekbones, lift sagging skin, and smooth wrinkles.
It's you, only better.


  For over 50 years, devices similar to the Instant Face and Neck Lift have been a secret weapon in film, television and theater but required the precision and skill of both a makeup artist and hairdresser, until now.
Emmy Award winning makeup artist, Art Harding has created a new and improved device that work both on set and at home
Used by plastic surgeons to preview face lifts, by model and actresses to smooth and
define, and by makeup artists to bring out the best before the camera, the Instant Face
and Neck Lift was design for you but remains a professional favorite. Made to withstand 
rigorous hours and action of actresses under hot studio lights, the facelift can be wore for
long periods with confidence. Whether it be a wedding, a reunion or simply just because,
the Instant Face and Neck Lift give you the sculpting of plastic surgery without the cost
or commitment.
To date, tens of thousands worldwide have discovered the Instant Face and Neck Lift. Throughout the US and Canada, Europe, and Asia, it is offering women a non-invasive alternative in fighting the aging process. The results are immediate, the process is simple and most importantly, it is priced to be accessible to all women. Simple, chic and discreet, The Instant Face and Neck Lift doesn't make you someone you are not. It enhances who you are.

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