Cellex-C Core-Body Smoothing Lotion 6 oz.

Price: $149.00
A light, herbal-scented lotion that minimizes the appearance of cellulite by helping to tone and firm rippled looking skin. The lotion contains a non-greasy emollient base that helps restore a lustrous, healthy looking sheen to the whole body. This formulation contains a higher concentration of the Cellex-C complex than any other product.

Over 50 years ago, pharmacists in Europe observed that Hungarian peasant girls achieved radiant looking skin by rubbing tomatoes over their face and body. Cellex-C Body Smoothing Lotion contains lycopene, the constituent responsible for this skin-saving benefit. Lycopene, extracted from tomatoes, is an exceptional free-radical scavenger and works synergistically with vitamins C and E within this high potency formulation. For all skin types.


1. Dispense cream into the palm of your hand.
2. Apply lotion to the skin using long, smooth strokes.
3. Wash hand after application.


L-ascorbic acid
The only form of Vitamin C that the body can recognize and utilize to promote collagen production. Lack of ascorbic acid will prevent normal collagen from forming in the tissues.

An exceptional free-radical scavenger extracted from tomatoes. Because sunlight reduces lycopene concentrations in the skin, it is important to keep levels maintained through dietary intake and topical application. Lycopene, which is fat soluble, is able to work in tandem with Vitamin E lipid membranes of the cell to prevent lipid perioxidation primary cause of age spots.

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