Carol Boyd's Tips

Beauty Tips from Carol Fader, Founder of Boyd's!
Watch for her helpful tips throughout
our website, to make you even more beautiful!


Transition from Summer! 

Our Concealer Quad lets you customize your color as you transition to fall - our concealer is, without question, the absolute best!

Eye-Deas: Eye Makeup Tips
For dark circles - Empress Beige Concealer
  Empress Beige Concealer
Moisturize under eye area; using an eye cream next will keep makeup from going into any fine lines and make for a smoother application. Apply creamy concealer with a synthetic brush starting at inner corner of eye (where your nose casts the darkest shadows) & ending at outer edge of lower lash line.  Pat with finger to remove any brush stroke lines. You can add another thin layer if need. Dusting with a pale yellow loose powder will finish the job (this is good for all skin shades/types).


Eyeshadow Applications:
Day time- Light color on lid, medium shade in the crease, light shade above and a touch under eyebrow arch 
Night time- Dark shade on lid, medium shade on the crease and a light shade up to the eyebrow bone. Blend color lines so one color seems to melt into the next.
Place a dot of a light shadow in the inner corner of each eye for a more open look.

 Add radiance - fast!
Renoir Bronzing Powder
Bronzer Tips - Renoir Bronzing Powder
  • Apply Bronzer after face makeup (Foundation, Concealer + Powder), but before applying Blush
  • Use any brush to apply Bronzer, although a Contour Brush is highly recommended
  • When choosing a shade of Bronzer, make sure shade is no more than 2-3 shades darker than your skin
  • Important areas to apply Bronzer include: temples, forehead, bridge of nose, cheeks and chin. Make sure to shade/blend Bronzer into your jawline + neck to avoid harsh contrast lines!
  • Using a sweeping motion, begin by applying bronzer at the hairline/forehead and move down towards cheeks (just below the cheekbone) and chin (just below the jawline), as if you were making a number 3.
Lavender Concealer for redness
For redness
- use our Lavender Concealer

Our tinted moisturizer - has SPF - keeps skintone even and adds just a bit of color & a lot of radiance!
Large pores- exfoliate three times a week to lift dead skin cells & have a fresher look; a weekly facial mask will help add the glow.
Warm water only for face washing - Hot water brings out redness by causing tiny blood vessels to swell
Liquid foundation blends so much better when applied with a brush
Many women make the mistake of using foundation that is too light in color - a slightly darker one gives skin an extra warmth
A foundation primer (like our Retexture Face) will keep makeup set all day and give a smoother over all look
Lips - Gloss in a wand - don't even need a mirror to refresh it periodically - a radiant look for lips
Lipliner pencils help lipstick to last longer; our cosmetician often uses them entirely in place of lipstick
Beat the Frizzies
      Hair frizzes most in humidity when it is dry (it starts taking in the water from the air)
      Especially after the summer, condition with one of our great hair products. For a quick
      frizz fix, carry a clothes dryer sheet to run over the flyaway strands - it works!
     We have always been Headband Headquarters!
     To camouflage haircut mistakes - like too short bangs - or when you can't take the time
     to do your hair perfectly, a pretty headband can make all the difference! So can our superb
     collection of imported hair accessories!
     Last Minute Hair Set for Body and Volume
     Hot Rollers - Apply them for a few minutes close to when you leave the house, in spots where
     hair is flat or needs boosting. Don't overly comb or brush when finished
     Use Quality Cosmetic Brushes
     It pays to buy the best brushes you can afford; keep them clean for flawless makeup
     application and to prolong their life.  Our Renoir Brush Cleaner does the best job!
     Luminous Eyes
     Our Sand eyeshadow, lightly applied over any color creates a beautiful luminous effect; alone,
     it's a speedy way to create a no makeup look but the most dramatic eyes
      Sick of the No-Clump Mascara claims?
      Our bottled mascara is wonderful! A liquid with a short mascara wand gives you better control
       than you can imagine! Never clumpy, it's the perfect answer for easy appication on lower lashes
      No time to Shampoo?  

      Spray a little Elnett Normal Strength Hairspray at the oily roots to freshen hair.  


       Dew your face!  

       Evian natural mineral water spray magically restores a dewy, fresh look  


       Spotlight your Eyes with Boyd's Eyeliter Shadow  

   .   A spot at the corner of each eye for a wide-awake look  

   .   Eyeliter on the entire eyelid will make your eyes appear SO much larger  

       follow with a pink eyeshadow (like our Calder) in the crease and your favorite color above  

       ( such as Matte Taupe) Apply Eyeliter right under the eyebrow as well.

       Go for the Bronze!

   .   Create a perfect sun-kissed look with Boyd's Bronzer in the color best for you - Light, Medium or Dark

     . Apply just below the cheekbones for a slimmer looking face  


        Emphasize Your Eyes! 
        Apply a Boyd's Eye Shadow with a bit of shimmer on the eyelid, in a color close to your eyebrow shade
        for a natural look - the Taupe Cream Eyeshadow in our Mineral line is perfect!


        Pure Artistry - Our Boyd's Pencil Concealer - choose your shade - #8, Light to Medium
        or Honey, Medium to Dark

        Dot it around your lips as a base for a perfect lipstick application  

       .Dot a spot! Perfect on face, legs or body blemishes  


        How Now Best Brow?  

        Use Boyd's Brush on Brow in a shade lighter than your hair for a polished look.


         A Perfect Hue – Boyd's Sapphire Blue!    

         Apply along the inner rims of the eyelid; makes eye color and the whites of your eyes
         brighter and clearer  


          Lip Tip  

      .   Use our Boyd's lip pencils -they stay on all day!  

      .   Use Lip Tint first, and then apply your favorite lipstick and outline with our lip pencil. It lasts and lasts!  


          Sassy Lashes!  

      .   Apply a coat of Boyd's mascara; next, our Eyelash Curling Gel, then with a Q tip, lightly powder lashes;
          let set; add another coat of mascara. Looks just like false eyelashes!!  

      .   To avoid clumps, squeeze a paper towel (not a tissue!) around the mascara wand before applying  


           Shine fighter!  

      .    Rice paper blotting sheets don't disturb makeup -remove surface oil and freshen the skin  


           Gloss it Over! Boyd's has the best colors! French Crystal is perfect over every
           lipstick; Sweet Dreams is beautiful alone or over pinks or brownish tones

      .    Play up the most gorgeous mouth - take attention away from sleepless undereyes!  


           Downplay Dark Under Eye Circles and Let the Eyes have it!  

           Use your Boyd's Empress Beige or Honey Concealer both under and over the entire eye area –
           just short  of your eyebrows – also a fabulous base for eyeshadows  


           Line a Perfect Eye!  

         . Hold a compact mirror near your chin and look down - you can draw a quick line!  

         . Apply in two strokes – middle to outside, corner to middle for better control  

           ( Best of all - use a Janeke compact magnifying mirror for real perfection!)  

          . Boyd's Liquid Eyeliner creates a thin perfect line on "crepey eyelids"  


           Boyd's Blush Techniques  

         . Darker shades (like our #8) define and narrow when blended in to the hollows of your cheeks  

      .    Lighter shades ( a pink tone like Bubbly/Flirtini) on cheekbones, chin and forehead give
           the appearance of a fuller face  



           Skincare news! Our APM Oil-free Advanced Serum
       .   Create a perfect surface with the most radiant and youthful look; Use over moisturizer,
           (takes seconds!) and then apply foundation....A perfect finish and the smoothest looking skin!