Brushes & Combs

Decide on the right brush for you! 
Boar bristle - Distributes natural oils and proteins; cleans hair and scalp; adds vitality and the ultimate sheen.
For styling, pure bristle is best on hair that is not too thick.
Boar bristle/Nylon - Maximum styling efficiency due to better penetration especially for medium to thick hair; has the advantages of bristle (above) as well.
Coated bristle - best for wet hair detangling, thinning hair - won't pullout.Also for styling and fast touchups - great small purse brushes!
Rounded brushes
lift and add volume for styling/ blow drying. 
Hair brushes are not returnable or refundable.

The Perfect Hairbrush   
A paddle brush does the best job for a straight, flat look - see our Koh-i-noor wooden paddle with covered bristles; it gently protects from pulling out hair wet or dry.A round brush is a must for shape - so much or what makes a brush great is how it performs "in the hand" - our exclusive cork handled Boyd's brushes are used by salons and hair dressers across the country.