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The history of Brot Miroir begins in the early 19th century. Manufacturing archives from the year 1826 mention one of the original employees of Brot,François Brot, establishing the famous design house, in the heart of the Old Paris, near the historic Place de la République. Brot's distinctive design and quality became so renown that it made the trip to the our shores and is immediately recognized as the finest in mirror designs. 

Brot Mirrors Luxury Magnifying Mirrors Towards the end of the 19th century In 1875, Brot design and patents a mirror that breaks though the competition. The triptych design is revolutionary and not previous seen anywhere in Europe. The triple pane mirror rapidly becomes famous further solidifying Brot's reputation as unparalleled innovators in home and bath design. Connoisseur magazine had dubbed this design marvel simply 'un miroir Brot'.  

A few decades later, in 1927, 
Brot innovates again in creating the concept of the magnifying illuminated mirror. The Mirophar was born. Many styles of Brot Mirrors have warm, luminous light built directly into the optical glass surface. At first the feature was used to equip automobiles. In time nearly all 5 Star luxury hotels worldwide have furnished their baths with Brot Mirrors with the Mirophar feature. Brot Mirrors are synonymous with luxury of the highest kind. 
Much praise has been heaped upon the design winners at Brot.

"Miroir Brot mirrors are the best in the world, something that will become clear when you try one," raves Esquire. The magazine’s editors describe the experience of looking at a Miroir Brot mirror as 'startling, a lot like hearing your own voice for the first time". 
The mirrors "combined 
European craftsmanship with design elegance," says Entrepreneur. 

The spotlight feature is not just a cosmetic detail, it aids users with vision decline or men's shaving comfort when clarity and illumination is needed in a precision shave mirror or bath mirror. The built-in spotlight in the optical glass surface is sheer genius as it prevents mirror fogging while projecting a steady, satiny glow for enhancing sight with applying makeup or precise shaving. 

Brot-Elegance 24 illuminated Glass Base Tall Stading Mirror Dia.24cm Brot Mirrors Brot Intimite on Glass Base Mirror

Brot- Grand Vanity Glass Base Mirror
From $5,925.00 to $6,212.00


Brot-Elegance 24 illuminated Glass Base
Tall Stading Mirror Dia.24cm
From $1,570.00 to $2,372.00

Brot Intimite on Glass Base Mirror

Brot Mirrors are still made by Master craftsmen in Paris. Our workshop has operated for nearly two centuries producing works of mastery and art in Mirror design. Miroir Brot carries on the local age-old tradition of glass and copper brass expert handiwork by designers in glass and brass.
Some pieces are unique, being produced to client's own specification, many others are made in bulk, but all retain the hallmark of the Brot Tradition. The consistent and unequaled quality of Brot’s mirrors sets as worldwide reference.

Brot Mirrors are award-winning and are the standard for the finest interior decor mirrors both in wall-mounted mirrors, vanity mirrors and travel mirrors, cosmetic mirrors. If you are a fan of European quality and style, consider a Brot Mirror as an innovation in decor for your home.


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