Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream 1 oz

Price: $100.00
A pale pink/taupe-colored moisturizing formulation that contains the optimal amount of the Cellex-C Patented Complex, plus powerful anti-oxidants resveratrol and L-ergothioneine, adjusted for use around the delicate eye area. Regular use will dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging around the eyes - sagging skin, crow's feet, fine lines and wrinkles. For use on all but the most sensitive skin.


In the morning,
1. Cleanse and tone.
2. Apply a thin layer of Advanced-C Eye Firming Cream underneath eyes and to outer eye area. Avoid upper eyelid and eyebrows.
3. Apply moisturizer as necessary.


L-ascorbic acid
The only form of Vitamin C that the body can recognize and utilize to promote collagen production to battle the damaging effects caused by the sun. This vital vitamin acts as a key anti-oxidant to combat sun-induced free radicals and is also essential for collagen production to maintain elastic, firm, smooth skin.

Hydrolized ascorbic acid
An exciting development in cosmetic chemistry because its chemical structure enables it to bypass the normal conversion required by the skin to facilitate entry into the skin cell, where it is utilized to promote collagen synthesis.

An exceptional free radical scavenger extracted primarily from mulberries and grapes. Resveratrol is believed to protect collagen through two mechanisms:
1) by inhibiting enzymes that degrade collagen, and
2) by supporting existing collagen structures.

Grape seed extract
A rich source of proanthocyanidins which is credited with the ability to support the microvascular health of the skin by protecting cells within capillaries from free radical damage.

Vegetable triglycerides
A light emollient moisturizer for very dry skin.

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